Summer Tarpon On The Fly

Fly Fishing for Juvenile Tarpon – The weather is terrible at times it can be so hot your sweat starts to sweat. There are moments of shear excitement followed by hours of boredom and random conversations. I love it! There is nothing like juvenile Tarpon Fishing on the Fly. This video sums up the last season of 2021. The Skiff we are using is a Dragonfly Emerger 16 Feet long

Remember to always handle these little tarpon with care. Practicing conservation is always the best method when it comes to fishing. Take a quick photo and then set them free after a proper revival. Be sure to check for predators such as sharks and porpoises. These animals can lurk in the shadows awaiting the release of a lethargic fish.

Feel free to contact me if you want to target these late summer tarpon on your 8 weight. I charge half day rates for morning sessions up until late Mid September.

Fly Fishing Juvenile Tarpon