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Learn how to fly fish the east way by taking fly fishing lessons with fly fishing guide Captain Rex

Do you want to learn to fly fish?

Do you want it to be effortless?

You definitely found the right place and the perfect instructor to help fulfill your goals of becoming a fly angler.

Come Cast With Rex at Economy Tackle in Sarasota the last Saturday of every month. FREE!

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Rex offers hourly, lesson rates, classroom rates, and group rates.  Each varies with what the needs are. Most importantly Rex’s rates are affordable.  Rex is certified master casting instructor.  This is the highest official rank awarded to a casting instructor by the International Federation of Fly Fishers.

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A note from Captain Rex about why you should take a casting lesson…..


         What this proactive action will do for you is simply to make all your subsequent fishing trips (on your own or with guides) more enjoyable, relaxed and productive! Just think, being able to cast your line accurately 60 feet plus ( I can teach you that ), knowing how to deal with wind  ( I can teach you that), controlling line on the boat, speed casts, backhand presentations, double hauls, curve casts, aerial mends and that’s just the start ! All of these things will make you a better caster, fisherman (ladies included) and keep you from getting knocked off the bow of a skiff by an errant push pole (Just Kidding).

     Seriously, simple techniques and exercises that I will show you along with learning how to analyze your own cast while you PRACTICE will help the learning curve accelerate and the muscle memory take over! Call me now and let me teach you to cast.  It will change your life I promise!