Tarpon Fly Fishing Charter

     Tarpon fly fishing charter Boca Grande; defined by possible hours of mind crippling anticipatory boredom… punctuated by moments of adrenaline overloaded mass hysteria! That’s Tarpon fishing and what a great game it is!

Tarpon Fly Fishing Boca Grande

     Where you will be fishing with me is on the Gulf side of the state In South West Florida. This area has different environments in which to hunt and catch Tarpon on a fly rod. On any given day we may (with wind, weather, and tides on our side) cruise the beaches from Manasota Key to the north, down past Little Gasparilla island, Gasparilla, then go by the infamous Boca Grande Pass on our way to Cayo Costa, North Captiva, Captiva all the way to Sanibel island. This is some 60 miles of coastline beaches in which to pole, stake out or trolling motor into known traveling lanes of the Tarpon as they travel from pass to pass.

Tarpon Fly Fishing Charter Boca Grande

We will look for these fish over sandy bottoms from 5 to 8 feet deep and try to intercept the rolling schools of Tarpon out to maybe 25 feet of water. You will see long lines and schools of fish numbering into the hundreds at times making their way up or down the beach. Or maybe we’ll find small schools or even singles and pairs traveling together. Calm water mornings and evenings may give us big daisy chains of fish to cast the fly to with your 11 and 12 weight rods.

tarpon fly fishing charter boca grande

Tarpon Fly Fishing and Sight Casting

    On the inside of the barrier islands lies Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound. These waterways include the inlet points for the Myakka and Peace Rivers. Both are diverse areas of keys, channels and basins. The Tarpon come in to these basins lay up rest and feed. You will sight cast to tarpon in these type basins. These “laid up” fish on float on the surface and the rollers in channels and deeper water. These areas will host some babies, under 40 pounds, so we will carry an 8 weight with us too! What are you waiting for? Book Your Tarpon Fly Fishing Charter Today!

tarpon fly fishing charter boca grande
tarpon fly fishing charter boca grande

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