fly fishing port charlotte harbor

Fly Fishing Charlotte Harbor

Fly Fishing Port Charlotte. Here is a video that Captain Rex was featured while Fly Fishing Charlotte Harbor.  This video is about catching tarpon on the fly in late summer. The majority of the fishing is done prior to breakfast.  We get up early and get back before it heats up.  

If you want to book a trip to catch one of these late summer tarpon on the fly.  Call Rex and get the process started.  

Remember whether you want to learn how to fly fish or simply just hire a fly fishing guide for Charlotte Harbor Captain Rex is your man! Call now!

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Fly Fishing Port Charlotte – The Gear

The fly tackle: most days an 8 or 9 weight rod is appropriate for redfish and snook; a 9 or 10 for small tarpon and 10-12 for big tarpon. A good saltwater reel spooled with ample backing and a good weight forward floating line will be our primary go-to rod. We’ll talk about specifics prior to your trip.

Fly Fishing Port Charlotte

Fly patterns you will use will include a variety of bait fish patterns, crab patterns and a good mix of tarpon flies. Spin tackle fishers will mainly be using jigs and top water plugs.

Fly Fishing Port Charlotte – Conclusion

This is a great day on the water for those who enjoy the beauty of clear, inshore flats and who don’t have the time or can’t otherwise make the trip to the Keys. Depending on the species we’re after, we’ll pole the flats, working the feeding patterns until we spot tailing or cruising fish and get you set up to make the cast. While most people think that our water is dark here you will be surprised to find out how clear the water really is. With a good pair of polarized sunglasses you should be able to make the cast while I spot the fish. Call me and let’s go have fun.

I have included some links to a few quality Polarized sun glass companies check them out.

Costa Del Mar

Smith Sunglasses

Panama Jack

Salt Life Sunglasses

Of course these are just a few and there are many more great companies out there, but the point is to get yourself a pair prior to coming on you fly fishing adventure in Port Charlotte. Capt. Rex~

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