Boca Grande Fishing Report

Boca Grande Florida Fishing Report for October is pretty much as expected. Slightly cooler temps and shorter days are dropping the water temps little by little and the fish are starting to respond as they should. Bait schools are moving into the harbor in larger numbers so the birds and the fish are starting to follow them around and crashing.

Tide are tricky this time of year so check out this tide app and pick the best tides


Schools of Ladyfish and Jacks can be found busting the bait from the bottom and pushing the bait up to the surface. Then, to make it a real bad day for you if you are a baitfish, the birds dive on your head from above… It will be a no-win situation for you! This type of action is great for a guide like me with beginner or even seasoned fly anglers. Lots of action lots of noise and bent rods everywhere. These fish are great teaching tools for:

1. learning how to get a cast off quickly. These fish may not stick around long so be prepared to launch the fly fast. The cast does not need to be pretty it just has to get near the school.

2. Move the fly! Normally you need to start stripping as soon as it hits the water.

3. Set the hook! Do not lift the rod and “Trout set” just keep stripping, when you feel the hit strip harder to set the hook. Often times I have seasoned (freshwater) Trout fishermen (or woman) on the boat who don’t know haw to strip set. For them, or a new angler the Ladies and Jacks are an invaluable learning tool with many opportunities to practice this important technique and have a lot of fun while they are at it!

4. Fighting the fish. Learning when to use or not use the reel. I tell all my clients that a fish has to earn the privilege to be landed by the reel. When you hook up you hand line or strip the fish in until he runs far enough to put himself on the reel. The you may use the reel to fight the fish.

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Boca Grande Fishing Report

Now that you have the skills we will go find some Speckled Trout, Snook, or Redfish to cast to. Oh yes and By the way there are still Tarpon around and it’s October 23rd!

Boca Grande Fishing Report