Make Guide Trips in Boca Grande Productive

Boca Grande Guide Trips – Often, patience is key while flyfishing. Making good casts to selected spots or sighted fish are key factors also. Sometimes you have to keep working, keep casting, keep stripping until you find the right fish that is ready to eat. Fish may be in abundance and get lots of shots, or few and far between and your chances are at a premium. Make your casts count by trying to get them where your guide suggests or of course, in front of the sighted fish.

  1. Be prepared. Have your line stripped out and hook bend held between your finger and thumb ready to make a “saltwater quick-cast.
  2. Find the fish or the spot you need to cast to.
  3. Make as few false casts as possible to deliver the fly.
  4. Hit “the spot” catch the fish or repeat the process until you do. Guy did , and caught a slam plus a few last week!

Redfish are always a great fish to land while fly fishing in Boca Grande. The Grass Flats and near mangroves areas tend to hold these bulky monsters. The Redfish are great fighters and always give you a thrill.

The Grass Flats and Mangrove edges are home to Snook. These little ferocious line siders waste no time attacking properly placed flies. On any given day a Fly Angler could land a dozen of these young and eager tigers.

The Spotted Sea Trout loves to ambush flies from the depths of the grass flats. These clever toothy biters tend to hide in deeper water lying in wait. They use their camouflage to help them rise from the grass and attack flies swimming overhead. One trick to keep in mind. These guys tend to take the chances when the fly or bait is falling.

We hope you have a wonderful time on the grass flats of Boca Grande.

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Boca Grande Guide Trips