Boca Grande Fishing Forecast

Boca Grande Fishing Forecast Part 1

Boca Grande Fishing Forecast

We are making our way through November at this moment and are enjoying the weather beginning to cool. Days are shorter and night time temps are coming down. These changes accompanied by a cold front or two has started dropping the water temps.

The Fishing Forecast is Good

This reminds the fish that it will soon be time to break out their long underwear and jackets. As this takes place the fish start to move around the Harbor area in search of the pods of bait. The bait schools come in off the Gulf at this time of the year.

Fish on the move will start to feed heavier. This allows them to prepare for the big metabolism slow down as the water continues to cool on into winter. I love guiding this time of year.

Boca Grande Fishing Forecast

Snook on the on the beaches have started moving through the passes towards the back country and rivers. The snook will stage in areas in front of creek mouths and narrow areas between islands. These snook will be waiting for the tides to bring bait (or your EP style fly) by their ambush zones.

Boca Grande Fishing Forecast

This is the time of year you will see large cruising Snook in the flats. Heartbreakers as they are affectionately known as.

Boca Grande Fishing Forecast

Reds will cruise in packs foraging along mangrove edges, sand bars and oyster bars. The Reds will welcome a well-placed shrimp, crab or baitfish pattern.

We saw several rolling Tarpon yesterday but no takers as they just did what tarpon sometimes do…they disappeared!

The fish are highly dependent on the slightly warmer waters. They also use the darker spots in the sand that retain more heat and moving tides.

Search the flats for darker spots work those areas with precision and take things slow. Wintertime fish are not in hurry for anything.

Grab a turkey sandwich, stick it in your pocket and come fish a day or two!

Fish With Rex

Thanks for reading the Boca Grande Fishing Forecast. If you would like to book a lesson or a trip, contact me anytime. Captain Rex~

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